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Dear friends,

I am Bob Quek from Singapore. I am offering Feng Shui audits and life destiny analysis to any interested individuals. I studied Chinese Metaphysics in year 2008 to 2010 from a world renowned Grandmaster. My specialised fields are Feng Shui, BaZi (4 Pillars of Destiny), Zi Wei Dou Shu (The Purple Star Astrology) and I-Ching Divination. I also attended a short training in Burmese astrology known as Mahabote from a Burmese master in year 2009. In early year 2012, I completed a Qi Men Dun Jia course from a renowned master in Singapore. Chinese Metaphysics is my passion as it teaches us how to live happily and harmony with the surrounding environments, when to prepare for a bumpy and stormy journey in our life aspects such as career, schooling, relationships and etc., and what to prevent in a forecasted misfortune. Chinese Metaphysics is an ancient science and art of more than 5000 years old from prehistoric China. Further information can be found in section Feng Shui Basics.

I graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering about 25 years ago. I am an alumnus member of Singapore Feng Shui Centre and affiliate member of International Feng Shui Association (IFSA).

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