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Water Snake Year 2013

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Forecast #3 : Water Snake Year 2013


















Flying stars for year 2013


Good stars :

Star 1 (North) - It is a white lucky star at the North. It is also known as victory, career and education star. If your house's main door faces this direction, this star brings promotion and academic successes. Try to sit at your study desk facing North or place a bowl of clear water with 6 ancient chinese coins in this sector to activate the effects of star 1. It benefits the middle son and those born in the years of Rat.

Well done!Successful career.GraduationA bowl of clean water.Ancient Chinese coins.

Star 4 (SouthEast) - It is a romance and scholastic star which brings romance and good examination lucks. To activate good examination luck, sit at your study desk facing this direction but avoid the direction 142.5 to 157.5 degrees. In year 2013, the Grand Duke known as Xu Dan is from this Si direction. Also do not carry out renovation, digging and making noise. Keep this sector as quiet as possible. To activate romance luck, place some stalks of flowers in a vase beside your bed at the SouthEast sector. It benefits the eldest daughter and those born in the years of Snake and Dragon.

SchoolingBeach romanceXu Dan Grand Duke for year 2013

Star 6 (NorthWest) - It is a Heaven star which brings speculative and windfall lucks. It can also brings promotion, travel and migration opportunities. To activate the effects, place a new bowl filled with clean water in this sector of the house. Change the water everyday to prevent mosquitoes breeding. It benefits the father. Or hang a string of 6 ancient chinese coins at the center of the living room. It benefits the whole family.

Windfall luckTravellingA bowl of clean water.Ancient Chinese coins.

Star 8 (NorthEast) - It is wealth star that brings abundant wealth to you. If your house main doors face this direction, place a running water fountain outside the doors and in this sector. If the house facing is not at NorthEast, place a mini water feature in this sector of your living room. It benefits the youngest son and those born in the Ox and Tiger years.

Wealth on the handWater feature


Star 9 (South):

It is a good star that brings new childbirth for married couples. You may activate star 9 by putting up babies pictures in this sector and use your bedroom in the South sector.

Newly wed couple.Newborn baby.


The Bad stars :

The 3 killings or San Sha star (East):

It is a bad star which brings misfortune to the house occupants. If your house main door face the East direction or your bedroom is at the East direction, avoid renovation and digging holes to prevent misfortune. Keep that sector as quiet as possible. Do not sit with your back facing the 3 Killings. The San Sha star has 3 types of misfortunes, i.e. loss of wealth, loss of loved ones and loss of good names. Cure the bad effects by red bright light switch on everyday for year 2013. Avoid water element in this sector.


Star 2 (SouthWest):

It is a sickness star which brings sickness to the house occupants sleeping in the bedroom facing the SouthWest direction or main door facing SouthWest direction. If your main doors or bedroom windows face this direction, hang a string of 6 ancient Chinese coins or windchime to cure the bad effects. Remove Earth and Fire energies from this sector. Another alternative is to hang a Wu Lou. The mother and those born in the years of Sheep and Monkey are affected. Beware!

HouseBedroomSick ladyAncient Chinese coins.

Star 3 (East):

It is a quarrelsome star which brings litigation, disputes and quarrels among family members aand other peoples. If your house main doors face the East direction, place a red floor mat outside the main doors. Alternatively, you may hang a red banner at the ceiling above the main doors and keep this sector quiet. It afflicts the eldest son and those born in the years of Rabbit. Remove water energy from this sector.


Star 5 (Centre):

This star 5 is known as 5 yellow or Wu Huang brings cashflow problems, loss, sickness, povety and misfortunes. Remove Earth and Fire energies from this sector. Keep the centre as quiet as possible. There must be no renovation, digging, knocking and cutting. This star afflicts those who stay in this area. Remove clutters, keep well ventilated and bright light.

MisfortuneBadSick lady

The Grand Duke or Tai Sui star (SouthEast)

Besides the star 5 in the SouthEast sector, there is also another star called "The Grand Duke" that is at the SouthEast direction. Details of The Grand Duke are not discussed here but the consequences are mentioned here. Do not make noise and do renovation in this sector, by doing so is considered offending The Grand Duke. It will bring bad luck and disaster to offenders. Also do not sit facing directly at Southeast direction of 142.5 to 157.5 degrees. Those born in the years of Pig are Directly in conflict with The Grand Duke. Those born in the years of Tiger and Monkey are indirectly in conflict with The Grand Duke.

BadMisfortuneGrand Duke Xu Dan in year 2013

Star 7 (West):

It is a robbery star which brings robbery and fire hazard. To cure the bad effects, avoid red colour items in the West sector of the house. Hang a windchime or put a water feature in this sector. This star 7 afflicts female and those born in years of Rooster.



I wish all my readers and clients a healthy, wealthy and prosperous 2013.

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