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Production cycle of 5 elements

Enhancement items


Lights represents FIRE. In the cycle of birth, wood feeds fire and fire produces earth. In the cycle of destruction, water extinguishes fire and fire melts metal. The direction of fire is south. The colour is red. The season is summer. For this enhancement of fire, you can use a small wattage and any low voltage to power an electric bulb. Alternatively, you may use a candle flame as fire.

A red lighted bulb.


A porcelain vase or any chinaware can represents EARTH. In the cycle of birth, fire produces earth and earth produces metal. In the cycle of destruction, wood penetrates earth and earth absorbs water. The directions are center, NE1, SE1, SW1 & NW1. The colours are yellow, orange & brown. The seasons are last months of each season.

Porcelain vase.


A string of ancient Chinese coins represents METAL. In the cycle of birth, earth produces metal and metal produces water. In the cycle of destruction, fire melts metal and metal trims wood. The direction of metal is west. The colours are white and gold. The season is autumn. Other item such as windchime can also be used as enhancement.

Ancient Chinese coins.


A bowl of clean water represents WATER. In the cycle of birth, metal produces water and water feeds wood. In the cycle of destruction, earth absorbs water and water extinguishes fire. The direction of water is north. The colours are blue and black. The season is winter.

A bowl of clean water.


Lucky bamboos represents Wood. In the cycle of birth, water feeds wood and wood feeds fire. In the cycle of destruction, metal trims wood and wood penetrates earth. The direction of wood is east. The colour is green. The season is spring. Other enhancement items can be plants and flowers without thorns kept at home. Do not use cactus.

Lucky bamboos.



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